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CNC machined and manufactured with attention in the USA

It is a very efficient razor with a minimal blade feel. I feel that it cuts more hair on the first pass than most razors I have tried. 

Development phase tester

It's really a neat razor! You can get a lot more blade-feel at a certain angle, but most of the time, at different angles, there is less blade feel, I was much more aware of the safety bar gliding, and the razor was still quite efficient.

Verified Customer

Menlo has the perfect amount of efficiency and smoothness.

Verified Customer

 The wonderful thing about the Menlo is that it's a razor that I feel everybody can be happy with for mild shavers to people who want more aggressive or blade feel.

Verified Customer

“ I started off by riding the guard almost to the point of barely touching the cap to my face. I was completely blown away by the results.”

DFS pass around review

The Nealon's shave lasted nearly 24 hours.

WTG pass went very smoothly without any blade feel.

DFS pass around user

I am totally pleased with the performance of this razor and of course the build quality and finish are outstanding.

Verified User

Menlo has done an outstanding job for their first razor.

Verified User

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